Company Annoucement

Unplugged Systems develops Mobile iMLS for Internet MLS

December, 2002


Unplugged Systems (a division of ES Innovation Labs) has developed wireless Internet solution for of Norwell, Massachusetts.

This development by Unplugged Systems is intended to service's 50,000+ users to be able to search real estate property databases via wireless devices such as Palm Pilots and Web-enabled cellular phones to obtain results. This enables real estate professionals to access vital information in a mobile environment on demand.

Unplugged Systems uses some of the latest technologies for the Mobile iMLS application including: Java EJB and Servlets, XML, XSLT, WAP, WML, HDML, Palm OS and Palm PQA technology.

The development was a 3 year effort and involved over 1,000 manhours of development time. The later phases of development involved developing a dual mode (online/offline) wireless application using the Palm operating system in the C language including XML parsing.

Contact Unplugged Systems at [email protected] for further information or see their Web Site - click here.