Company Announcement

ESWC Launches PSA and Military Awareness eCommerce Web Sites

August 22, 2001


Today ESWC (a division of ES Innovation Labs) launched two eCommerce Web Sites it developed for PSA Worldwide Corporation of Colorado Springs - an educational and promotional item company. This is in addition to the PledgePuppy Web Site that was launched in May and developed for PSA as well. The first web site was a single product site for a new drug prevention promotional item called Pledge Puppy was launched in May of 2001. The second site, PSA Worldwide Corp. was launched August 22, 2001 and contains over 400 of PSA's products. The third site, Military Awareness was also launched on August 22, 2001 and contains the same products as PSA Worldwide Corporation's site but with a totally different branding. All three sites were developed with Intershop 4. There are three different brandings to this one Intershop store and two different merchant credit card accounts are used depending on the branding. The sites contain much customized code for features such as product customization with imprinting text, stock logos, and uploading custom logos; a "Browse The Catalog" feature to navigate thru all the products in the store; and handling of special variations such as price per quantity breakdowns, shapes, sizes, colors, faces, imprint colors and locations. Contact ESWC at [email protected] for further information. Site tours are available.